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From the 1st July 2021: 

Come and stay at least 2 days in Reims

We offer you Champagne !

How can I

get my bottle of champagne?

If you fulfill all the conditions, you will need to:

  • Have all the proofs of purchase with you. You will have to take a picture of them on the next steps

  • Sign up for the offer on the website by clicking on the link "register online" below

  • Upload proofs of purchase (invoices, receipts)

  • Come and pick up your bottle of champagne at the end of your stay from the Tourist Office near the cathedral (6 rue Rockefeller)



You can also sign up and produce proof of purchase directly at the Tourist Office if you are not able to do it online. If so, you may have to wait a little while more (about 20 or 30 minutes) depending on the number of people in the Tourist Office.


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